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Take time for yourself

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

A little off the grid is always needed.

Here is my time off the grid to share with you.

Reconcile and learn how to connect with yourself creating inner peace for your mind, body and spirit. This is a true step in the right direction to self love and worth.

Life's experiences are a mixture of good and bad that links us all to our emotions. How we deal with this effects our present and future life, style of living and how we present our selves to the world and others.

Taking time out for yourself is most important, as this will help to process emotions and energy you feel from others and yourself in every day living.

Give yourself time to recharge


Have an acceptance of others and yourself.

"It is ok to be you"

You can start with simple things in life. Develop the knowledge to know who you are, leading to the right direction of your peace of mind.

  • Taking your self away from ever day life, people, society.

  • Booking time away with just you, off the grid so to speak or something creative (This is not booking a hotel or a spa ect I mean time away from all humans as much as possible). - be with yourself

  • No social media, use of phones, T.V or any technology so you can truly express yourself.

Other things you can do at home or not as intense as being of the grid.

  • Make at least an hour of each day about you. Do something you love

  • A long soak in the bath

  • Dancing

  • Being out doors

  • Read

  • Bake

  • Yoga

  • Mediation

  • Exercise

  • Get creative with art, photography etc

  • Being naked - This is a great sense of freedom and openness. It will encourage strength, feeling of goodness and self worth. Start off small around the bedroom or home for that confidence build up then outdoors.

  • Do something out of your comfort zone - free your ability of controlling life, trying to control or being controlled.

Find you niche, be in control of your negativity, listen to your higher self and believe

Here are some experiences I had in my few days off the grid....

Bath time

Baths the most ancient tradition that are used for many things such as healing , relaxation, empowerment, mental and physical soothing, grounding, spirituality and more.


Meditation has been know since before time through spiritual leaders, beliefs , tribes and ancient tribes in which all practiced different variations to help the guidance of life - through life. Meditation is not about becoming a different person or having a different life or even eliminating your thoughts but to manage the you of the present. It is there to helps gain awareness, control the balance in every day life, to become more Intune with yourself and others around you.

Get with nature

A little grounding is always needed. Recharge yourself with the earth and surround yourself with the natural elements of life.

This can be a day at the beach, walk in the woods, gardening, holistic therapies and workshops, camping or glamping, star gazing under moon light, spending time with animals, natural water swimming, or just take time to simple sit out side and have that 5 min to yourself.

Keep in mind bare feet is the key to connect. All of theses will help recharge, aid health, bring purity and sense of freedom.

Be Intune with you

You can experience the self love and worth in my workshops or retreats available though out the year.

Meditation . Chakra cleansing . Yoga exercise . Holistic therapies . Self awareness


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