With my endless love for life, herbalism and natural living I feel now is the time to share this with everyone else.


I found my passion in holistic therapy at a very young age and over the years I have developed greatly.

My educational background along with a huge amount of experience and life experience has given me great opportunities to be were I am today.


I trained for 3 years in holistic therapy and further working another 15 years with in this environment. Giving me an in depth knowledge of how the mind, body and spirit works, reacts and feels.


With treatments and therapies such as reflexology, Indian head and aromatherapy

 yin yoga exercise, Buddhist mediation and techniques, herbalism, home remedies, mindfulness, aura and chakra energy healing, life coach, body fitness, natural health, simple living and spiritualism. With all this in mind gives me the opportunity to aid others that suffer with stress, anxiety, depression and just general build up of the reality of life and the effect it has on us all. Releasing tension and general relaxation easing the mind and healing the body and spirit from with in.

Through out my journey I have crossed paths with some very wonderful people gaining knowledge and wisdom aiding development of my spirituality, wellbeing and mindfulness to who I am todayAs an earth child the outdoors is my favourite place

to be. This is where I like to learn study and grow so I am able to broaden my horizon and share my knowledge with the world.

Heart & Hands