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I have an endless love for life, herbalism, natural living and spiritual growth. Now I feel is a great time to share this love with everyone else.

Over the years I have developed greatly through education and life experiences that brought a great enlightenment to my life, giving me the ability to cross paths with some very wonderful people. This is were I was able to gain great knowledge and wisdom throughout, leading me to opportunities in life to who I am and were I am today.


As an earth child the outdoors is my favourite place to be, where I like to learn, study and grow. Which abeles me to broaden my horizon, open my mind and share with the world. 

Through my journey I have developed greatly in Holistic therapy, Massage therapy, Wellbeing, Mindfulness, Meditation and Spirituality. Where I now share, practice and teach throughout out every day life to all

All of which help those in need of a general pick me up or those that are suffering in life with anxiety, stress, depression, acceptance of yourself and others. This will all aide in self confidence, self-worth and balancing the mind, spirit and body

Stimulating the mind, body and spirit bringing positivity, happiness and love
into your life  

My qualifications

Holistic therapy . Aromatherapy . Indian head . Reflexology . Swedish massage . Deep tissue . Life coach . Chakra alinement . Herbalism . Yin Yoga . Fitness . Nutrition . Meditation .  Mindfulness . Reiki . Self awareness . Spiritual growth and healing  .

Holistic massage 
Aromatherapy, Indian head, Reflexology, Hot stone, Facials

Healing therapies 
Reiki, Aura cleansing, Chakra therapy, H
erbalism, Spiritual healing

Body strengthening
 Advanced massage, Fitness, Food for thought, Body detox

Mindfulness and wellbeing
 Meditation, Bath rituals, Personal rebalance - life coach, Herbal remedies, Self awareness


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