1 to 1

Bespoke self awareness 

My 1 to 1 sessions are designed to for your needs.


As we all may be suffering in life we are not all on the same boat. Each and every event in life bad or good will effect are emotions in  many ways. With in my sessions I provide support through wellbeing, healing, health and general self love. This is not just for the body and soul but for the mind, as the mind is the most important part of you to keep balanced to live the life style you deserve.

Open up the mind, relight your spirit and cleanse your soul making you N.o 1 with love, awareness and being true to yourself. Healing you from within helping stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue boosting self confidence 

Good health . Detox . Body fit work out . Foods for thought . Meditation . Yoga exercise . Boost your motabulisium  . Simple living . Holistic therapy 

Learn how to express your feelings and channel your energies into posative thinking. With clear visions and broaden mind. You will be able to talk with me on a 1 to 1 at any time to help you on your jurney to new level of life 

Sesions are

£20 for 30min, £40 for 60min,

£60 for 90min

Covering the area of Bedfordshire