Herbal and plant


This workshop is a real eye opener to the natural world. Showing you what nature has to bring thorough plant life, botanical and minerals of the earth.


Finding the simplest of things that can be used to help as easy as the common cold. Herbal medicine and remedies have been used since before time so why do it get pushed to one side ?


We will be looking at how and were it all came from.






How plant life is here to help


How many uses the earth actually has 


Look at how the body reacts to what we use on are skin and how well do we know are skin 


What effects the body this way and in life.


How to combined natural oils, minerals and botanical to make your own home made remedies 


What really makes the world go round and how we can be that bit more ECO to help improve it

Finally the healing side to plants, why it is so important to have them in our life and how to grow your own no mater were you live.

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