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To book and check availability for all retreats, workshops, classes or courses please email at or call on 07806636911


I will be happy to answer any further questions

To add your place on any retreats a deposit of 50% of total cost up front will be needed. A breakdown of payments along with payment plan will be issued to

you through email. The full amount must be paid 5 weeks prior to date of retreat 


Please note that travel cost are not included or provided

NO deposits will be returned on any cancelations. Cancelations that are made before 5 weeks prior to date of retreat you will receive the full amount you paid in after

the deposit. If cancelations are made with in the 5 week period prior to date

of retreat you will not receive any money back that you have paid in.


For late bookings a payment of 75% or full payment will need to be made depending on date of the booking prior to retreat.

Please note the cancelation policy still applies with late bookings.


If the full amount is not paid 5 weeks prior to date of retreat, then your place will no longer be available to you. The 50% deposit will be deducted from your payment and the remainder will be returned to you.


For no shows come the date of any retreat there will be no refund including your deposit available to you.



A copy of terms and conditions will be sent out to you along with notifications for reminders of all payments





If you do have covid or symptoms please cancel your place and all payments will be returned to you once prof of test is confirmed. Please be mindful of those that still wish to wear mask as mask and hand gel with be provided along with a first aid kit.


You will receive an email with

  • Invoice and receipt of each payment

  • An email of T and C document. This must read and agreed upon

  • Itinerary

  • What to bring

  • Details of local information, map and location

  • A personnel sheet that must be singed and sent back before hand.

(This is for dietary, allergies and any details of medical or heath issues that I may need to know for extra help or support through out your stay).

Please note that these retreats are designed for body, mind, and spirit

keeping peace and tranquillity throughout your stay. Modern technology is to be switched off or on silent and kept to minimal but can be used in your me time.

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