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Food for thought



A fad diet is a novelty diet. A diet that is popular for a  certain amount of time then another one will take its place. Just like in fashion what is in this season is out on the next.

Food for thought workshop gives you guidance to what suites you as an individual. Looking at simple, easy ways to better you body and self with good wholesome foods.  


We will be looking at the body from the inside out, learn about what the body needs, what we do and eat in life effects are bodies health, mind and spirit.


What really is a diet and the truth behind foods.

Explore the world of nutrition.

Taking a look at light exercise to hardcore HITT work outs.

What a gym is and does.

The concept and idea of weight lifting. 

With the added bonus of yin yoga poses that really gets to work on you digestive system. 




With this workshop you will find your body naturally detoxing its self, feeling stronger and filled with more energy.



Heart & Hands
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