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Summer Solstice
Meditation Soundbath

21st June at Cople village hall bedfordshire 7-9.30 £35pp

Join this vibrational experience and bloom your way into summer with growth warmth, happiness and love. This guided meditation with luxury crystal bowls will give you rebalance, positivity and keep you grounded throughout

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Tell: 07806636911


FB: @lifehealthandwellbeingbedfordshire

Instagram: life_healthandwellbeing

The Barn, Cople Road, Cardington MK443SH

Holistic treatments

Holistic treatments

Relax your mind, release stress from your body and heal your spirit with Holistic massage treatments bespoke to you. 

To book this blissful experience please contact me.

Image by Ale Romo Photography
Spa Salts and Stones

Samma sati

Samma sati is a Buddhist term for mindfulness which means to remember and maintain awareness of reality where the true natural phenomena can be seen.

I hold evening meditation, workshops and retreats where you can develop

technique and more through

Meditation . Self-healing . Chakra cleansing . Self awareness . In depth chakra learning . Herbal remedies . Healthy life style and simple living . Developing your spirituality . Crystals for beginners . Aromatherapy natural products . Shadow work . The knowing

 Helping you to unwind from a modern day life improving health, wellbeing, anxiety, depression and fatigue. Interact with like minded people were you are able to balancing

the mind, body and spirit relaxing into a blissful world of peace and harmony.

September 20th 2024

A little time to rebalance you.
Get involved with various outdoor activities and healing therapies 

Cosy getaway

This cosy getaway is great way to bring up morale and embrace the happiness within.
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Raw glamping

Get back to nature with raw glamping and explore the glorious ambiance of the natural outdoors.

Sunny side

Join the U.K coast lines were you can connect with the five elements and embrace the natural surroundings  

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