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 Feel good body fit

Come and join the



kick start for a new you.

Fitness Ladies

  Detox with food for thought, refresh your mind with meditation and holistic therapies, strengthen your

body with keep fit body work out and yoga exercise.

All designed to heal you from within helping stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue boosting

confidence and self love.

For the body, mind and spirit

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Get back to nature with raw glamping and explore the glorious ambiance of the natural outdoors.


Sunny side


Join the U.K coast lines were you can connect with the five elements and embrace the natural surroundings  


Cosy getaway


This cosy getaway is great way to bring up morale and embrace the happiness within.

Oriental Lotus

To book or enquire please get intouch 

Oriental Lotus

Also open for booking for

Hen parties . Birthdays . Special occasions




Holistic therapy



Simple living


Self awarness





Samma sati

Samma sati is a Buddhist term for mindfulness which means to remember and maintain awareness of reality where the true natural phenomena can be seen.

I hold evening classes, workshops and retreats where you can develop this technique and more through

Meditation . Yin yoga . Self-healing . Chakra cleansing . Self awareness . Crystal learning . In depth chakra learning . Mediation experiences . Herbal remedies . Healthy life style and simple living . Developing spirituality . In depth mediation learning

 Helping you to unwind from a modern day life style improving health, wellbeing, anxiety, depression and fatigue. 

Balancing your stress levels and channelling it into positive energy.

Interact with like minded people and relax into a blissful world of peace and harmony.


Yin yoga





Self love


Peace at mind







Oriental Lotus

Also open for booking for

Hen parties . Birthdays . Special occasions


Holistic treatments

Relax your mind, release stress from your body and heal your spirit with Holistic massage treatments bespoke to you. 

This blissful experience is available on all retreats 


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Spa Salts and Stones