Holistic treatments


Soothing massage working into the muscles with use of essential oils. Great for tired aching bodies

Back and scalp   45 min £40

Full body   90 min £70



Pressure point foot massage working through the body to detox, stimulate and refresh you throughout

60 min £40

Indian head

Traditional Indian head massage is great for tired eyes and exploding heads. With a deep massage and pressure point techniques you will feel yourself floating away.

60 min £40


Traditional Swedish massage, working deep into the muscles releasing stress and tension all round.

Back, neck and scalp   45 min £35

Back and shoulders   30 min £30    45 min £35      60 min £50 


Reiki is a spiritual healing treatment that will help balance your mind body and spirit. Channeling healing energy into the body releasing toxins and negativity throughout. Giving you that feeling of blissful relaxation. 

45 min £35      90 min £60

Please note that this is not a massage treatment and is preformed with clothes on 

To book or enquire please get in contact

Heart & Hands