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Pick a date that suites you . Choose your workshop . 1 to 1 ,  bring a friend or friends . Join like minded people

Maximum of 4 people

Lets DETOX - £65

Herbal remedies and rituals - £65

Mindful and self-aware £55

Know your chakras £55

Facial demo with use and benefits of Gua - Sha stone and Jade roller . Look at how to balance the body and life through meditation, mindfulness - detox from within . Learning of detox remedies for face, body and digestive system . Nutrition guidance . Take home the Gua - Sha stone or Jade roller of your choice 

Learn the benefits and uses of essential oils along with natural plants, minerals, salts, butters and waxes . You will be guided through making your own in house product to take home . Remedies and bath rituals to explore in your own home . How to aide wellbeing within your life style . Light refreshments throughout your stay

Within this workshop you will learn to be true to yourself and mindful of others . How to manage your weaknesses and emotional state that can bring
stress, anxiety to life
. Find you strength through self worth, acceptance
and how true are you really being with your self
. You will be guided though
self healing
. Advice and guidance for the little things you can do for
yourself in life to create happiness within

Light refreshments throughout your stay  

Please take on board this workshop can be in-depth with ones emotions

Here you will learn what Chakras are, what they do and how they can effect us a person . You will learn realignment, cleansing and visualisation of your own Chakras and others . Looking at the 3rd eye . How to ground and earth yourself .  Light refreshments throughout your stay

Tuesday - Saturday 9.30am to 12.30 
Sundays 10.30am to 1.30 

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