Lets DETOX - £65

Herbal remedies and rituals - £65

Mindful and self-aware £55

Know your chakras £55

Uplifting facial gift . Facial demo with use and benefits of Gua - Sha stone. Balance the body and life through meditation and mindfulness . Detox remedies for face, body and digestive system . Nutrition guidance . Refreshing light lunch

Learn the benefits and uses of essential oils along with natural plants, minerals, salts, butters and waxes . You will be guided through making your own in house product to take home . Remedies and bath rituals to explore in your own home . How to aide wellbeing within your life style . Light refreshments throughout your stay

Within this workshop you will learn how to manage you weaknesses and emotional state that brings stress, anxiety and even depression to life . Find you strength through self worth, acceptance and how true are you really being with your self . You will be guided though self healing . Advice and guidance for the little things you can do for yourself in life to create happiness within .
Light refreshments throughout your stay . 

Please take on board this workshop can be in-depth with ones emotions

13th August
11th - 24th September

20th - 22nd August
4th - 18th - 19th September

15th - 28th August
3rd - 12th - 25th September

Here you will learn what Chakras are, what they do and how they can effect us a person . You will learn realignment, cleansing and visualisation of your own Chakras and others . Looking at the 3rd eye . How to ground and earth yourself . Light refreshments throughout your stay.

21st - 27th - 29th August
17th - 26th September


9.30am to 12.30 on Saturdays and week days.
10.30am to 1.30 on Sundays