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Foggy Lake

A little rebalance

Rural woodlands of Harringworth 10th October 2024

Time to shake of the negativities, frustrations and annoyances of life.
Take this time out to think of yourself, giving you that boost and balance in life that we all need.

This fun filled indoor and outdoor activities, soothing mindful workshops and rebalancing meditation will set you on your way to a new refreshing out look of life.

Healing therapies
Body rebalance
Spiritual growth

Woodland walks
Lakeside experience, water activities or cycling 
Meditation and Yin yoga

All will help to clear the mind, open the heart and illuminate negativity to all things that no longer serves you. 

Will give the body exactly what it needs, channelling energy of pure white light to cleans and purify you throughout

Chakra cleansing
Will rebalance and align your Chakras giving you that natural feeling of life to live through you with more ease. 

Out door activities
Will release those natural endorphins giving you the natural energy boost of life that will lift your spirit to positivity.

Will be based on release through guided ways and powerful vibrations of OM. This powerful vibration will able you to create freedom and peace in the mind, were direction will become more clear and less challenging.

Yin yoga
Yin yoga will work well with deep breathing and strengthening your mind and body. Setting challenges for you to move forward and pushing out your confidence, building on that inner strength. 

All this will free any blocks you have in life aiding you to be more intuitive, giving you the know how to learn more about how to balance your own mind, body and spirit.

What to bring

Swim suit
Swim shoes (if preferred)
Walking shoes
Smart/casual clothing
Weather appropriate clothes
Yoga clothes and mat (if preferred)

All activities, workshops can be bespoke to your needs

This will be a 3 night stay with breakfast, evening meals, drinks and light snacks provided throughout. This accommodation is a bungalow build and is well suited for wheelchair access and extra supports throughout. 

October 11th to 14th


Twin room shared

Double room single

Double room en-suite single




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