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Get balanced

Expressing ones true feelings is harder done

than said and most the time both.

A little bit about the mind, heart and emotional balance.

Truth . Expectance . Self worth

We all act and react in many different ways to what life throws at us, and a reaction we can all have at one present movement in time can easily equal to high intense vibration of emotion or emotions. At that present time which is really a split second in life where we can not control what is going on in the mind or the heart leading to unrash out of control reactions and one is always stronger than the other. This is were our over expressed emotions run away from us, that creates anger, frustration lust, greed. All bad or negative energies that can be out of our control, leading to a longer term of dramatic reaction. Hence the expression "you over reacted".

This is perfectly normal for us humus to do this as we do not give our self time to process that present moment of high emotions. Most of the time we do not have the time to do this or even know how to, and naturally not need.

As another saying "quick thinking".

This is a great reaction for us not to process and take control of high intense emotion at one present time, as most of these quick thinking emotions have saved lives, avoided danger and created lives.

Unjudgmental or spontaneous out of control emotions

Good energies that we have, give or receive brings and gives love, happiness, laughter and joy to life.

A vibe from someone were you can bounce of each others personality, thoughts and vibes creating a huge amount of energy through trust, honesty, strength, pleasure and sensuality can bring the biggest thrill and connection into ones life.

Thrills and emotions that are unknown and unexpected were you are unaware of what is to come is know as life lesson. An impulse were life has just smacked you in the face and you fall into totally shock and confusion or even on the other side were you become overwhelmed with unexpected love and happiness all again out of control experience. This can be from death, sudden ill health, be trail from a friend, loved one or lover. In which can bring shame onto ones self, self pity, unworthy, guilt and worry when its something that is none fault or out of your control. Then the other side spontaneous love, joy, kindness and thoughtfulness from another

' just could not be helped'

All are linked to our emotions that effects us all in many ways and all very different. In which can lead us of the track of life its self.

So now I have you thinking why is important for us to use the mind to process our emotions... ? Well the reason is, is to create that balance in life for peace of mind to our selves. We can all over think on ifs, buts and maybe of life but helping to stop and think in times of pain, hatred, other peoples wrongs, rejections and even regret helps us to gain an element of control from within. With all these high intense negative emotions makes a negative reaction on your emotions leading to a negative actions from you to another or even you to yourself. This can lead to regret that may be was not meant or needed and lead you to become out of control on negativity and absorbed within ones self. Hence the saying "I cant deal with it"

How you react to your own emotions and feelings or even others can bring a great deal of negativity upon yourself. This can cause hardship anxiety, worries, stress, anger, frustration and even depression. Aiding self loath and fear instead of self worth and strength. These are the points of emotions to focus on to create that peace of mind and prevent you from creating negativity and blockages in life.

All of which gives you lack of motivation and low energy making it harder to think your self worthy. When anger , pain and frustration hits you take a moment to think and step back to prevent having a unnecessary quick reaction on high intense negative emotion. Learn to channel the negativity that you and others around you create. Hence "you don't fight fire wit fire".

The key is find your heart and trust in it, go with the wants and needs of what the heart shows you and makes you feel. You will never know why the heart wants what it wants, you will only know that it feels right. If its wrong then your gut emotion will kick in and your mind will start to question it.... 'Do I don't I ?'

So don't try to fog your mind on why. Listen to you spirit and open the hart to life as it only brings good. Find you balance in life with the mind to the heart, embrace your way of life and purify the heart.

High intense emotions is what makes us us and to change that of human life would be wrong, but to manage the negativity by creating that balance in life brings us peace of mind instead of fogged mind that is over worked or over thought. As you become move attached to yourself you become more aware of how to deal with negative actions you receive and give.

The heart

When it comes to your heart the mind will never quite understand why the heart feels the way it dose as a feeling is an emotion that the logic of the mind can not quite grasp 100%. You may think you know what your heart wants but do you really know?

The truth is you only know what the heart wants from the feeling of goodness within. When your mind is chasing thoughts of reason on your hearts feeling or feelings this is when you are question your hearts intentions or trying to understand. The more you think about it the more it fogs up your mind and cant find the answer you want or the sense to why. This can also lead to high intense emotions of feeling and acting out of control form not understanding, giving a huge sense of confusion.

Always follow the heart and remember change is good. Move forward from the circle of life style you repeat and leave the past as the past and only as remembrance of lesson of life to look back and see your growth, strength and own understanding.

When you become more attached to the heart you will feel warmth, excitement, a little out of comfort zone, alive but most of all peace, love and happiness.

Take a moment on any situation you are unsure of, unclear of when the racing thoughts take place of fear or worry, with three deep breaths and feel the heart, listen to heart. Then make you decision

Learn how to read your feelings and emotions so you have that a balance in the mind were the mind can make sense and connect with the heart.


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