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Get Earthed Glamping Sept 2021

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

What a fabulous time to end the summer and get back to nature with Glamping near the south coast UK. With luck on our side we was able to enjoy the glorious heat of the sun, the cool coastal breeze of the wind, refreshing salt water of the sea and the sensations of the earth at our feet. Just this alone is moment in life to cherish.

Welcome to a day at the New Forest

A picnic day for us and them. ❤

What an amazing day out.

A great way to really connect with natures life amongst the beautiful horses and tress in the wooded land of the New Forest. This was a real sense of tranquillity to sit amongst the essence of nature embracing the peace and quiet of the forest . To be able to contact with the wild horses in their natural habitat was a true sensation and experience in life for us all.

Opening the eyes to a segment of what the earth gives us .

Beach love

Time at the beach really clears the mind, purifies the heart and energises the body. Here we excised all 5 elements to detox and channel unwanted energies that blocks us all from feeling the true essence of life.

What can I say about the feeling of being at a coastal beach, were you are in high of all 5 elements in one place at one time. We ask the Earth to ground us, the Sea to wash away our negativity, the Wind to clear our mind, the Sun to enhance power and the Spirit to light up our soul with pure white light aiding protection.
Here we embodied mental and physical activities with grounding therapies, yoga exercise, meditation and spiritual healing. Embracing our inner thoughts and our higher self to find out what is missing or blocked in our lives.

This really was a moving experience for all my guest and defiantly one to remember. Thanks to all that came, looking forward to

Get Earthed spring and summer 2022.

Free the mind open your spirit and strengthen your body.


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