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Sunny side UK

Situated in both rural and coastal area of Southwold in Suffolk

A fun filled time that will opening the mind giving yourself that pure blissful relaxation. Join the beautiful coastal line of the U.k were you will be able to express your inabilities, step out your comfort zone and explore your happiness. 

What to expect

Nutrition guidance 
Light body workout
Yin Yoga exercise
Mindful and Self-awareness guidance

Twin room               
Double bed               
king bed en-suite  
King bed deluxe en-suite

Throughout your stay will experience various types of mediation from deep sleep , morning refresh and visualisation to balance and stimulate the mind.

Mindfulness and self-awareness is important not only for others but most of all for yourself. Here you will look at how you are able to control day to day living aiding the right balance between the heart and the mind.
Learning how to listen to your self more bettering your wants and needs,
so that you are able to eliminate your negative energies and those that surround you.

You will look at the care and needs of the body through nutrition, light workouts and yoga exercise. Here you will gain strength and flexibility  increasing those natural endorphins

Other activities will include grounding techniques, star gazing, costal walks, swimming in the sea and time to visit local surroundings.

There is no set routine with your stay but the days will consist of early morning start with light exercise or Yoga exercise followed by
morning mediation then breakfast.

Throughout the rest of the day you will experience mindful activities and
self-awareness learning, following that you will have time for yourself
to reflect and enjoy the surroundings.

Evenings will be cooked meal followed by wind down and end the night with deep sleep mediation. 

What to bring

Swim suit and or bikini
Yoga and or exercise leggings and tops
Yoga mat if preferred your own
Dress code will be casual, comfortable and weather appropriate

This will be a 4 night stay
Breakfast, evening meals and light snacks will be provided

May -June 

Your own room double bed + en suite £900
Your own room double bed £800
Shared twin room £550

Please read the Terms and Conditions

Heart & Hands


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